It feels good to give.

We want you to feel good about how we put your dollars to work.

Your gifts to United Way are leveraged through our connections and partnerships with social service agencies, businesses, unions, universities, government and more to amplify our collective impact.

And on our end, we work to keep administrative and fundraising costs low. United Way continually meets standards for excellence for charitable administration.

As leaders in the social service sector – we know how to tackle #UNIGNORABLE issues affecting our community and understand the complexity of these issues. We fund programs that work in prevention, intervention and recovery.

Last year 80,000 individuals and 109 social service programs relied on our business.

We, at United Way, manage expenses prudently, so we maximize our community investments.

In the spirit of transparency, 70 cents of every dollar is invested back into the community. In 2018/19, we invested $3.68 Million. The interesting thing about the remaining 30 cents is that it is used to run our two arms of our business – fundraising and managing our community investments to fund a network of services for those who need it most.

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