Our Leaders Committee

The people who give their time to make change happen

Filled with bright minds and big hearts, United Way’s Leaders Committee works with our donor relations team to identify steward individual donors giving at the leadership level ($1,200 $4,999). Every year, these individuals helps us raise millions of dollars to help over 80,000 people right here in Greater Victoria. Thank you for donating your time, talent and treasure to our cause!

Volunteer opportunity!

If you are interesting in joining our volunteer Leaders Committee, we would love to have your talents and expertise. Please email Darryl Els, Major Gifts Officer at darryl.els@uwsvi.ca

“United Way delivers an incredible value-added service for donors, charities and those in need in Greater Victoria. No-one else has the scope and flexibility to do what they do. United Way leads on a number of fronts – they work cooperatively with local charities to help them focus their efforts and resources on delivering programs, and provide employers and employees with a proven, successful workplace giving model.”

From left: Bonnie Peacock, Barb McVagh, Dick Cavaye, Marc Lortie & Brian Mann

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