Meet the Team

Curious to know who is working behind the scenes to help transform lives?

A great place to work begins with its people. And, driven by excellence and a shared set of values, our team of talented professionals are dedicated to doing meaningful work in the community. Our team members are proud to work at United Way and are committed to building a region where every individual can reach their full potential.


Years in service

125 000

Lives changed


Million raised

7 000

Donors strong


Programs funded


Mark Breslauer

Chief Executive Officer

Community Impact

Danella Parks

Director of Community Impact

Rachel Carroll

Community Impact Associate

Donor Relations

Hazel Braithwaite

Director, Donor & Partner Relations

Jenny McLeod

Director, Philanthropy

Darryl Els

Donor Relations Officer – Individual & Planned Giving

Emilie Dore

Senior Donor Relations Officer

Michelle Kozma

Donor Relations Officer

Darcy Lindberg

Labour Coordinator

Kelly Minter

Administrative Assistant

Marketing & Communications

Heather Skydt

Director, Marketing & Communications

Jennifer Young

Project & Content Manager

Katie Burke

Marketing & Communication Coordinator


Duane Jacobs

Director, Finance & Operations

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