Help People like AJ Find His Way

When AJ was nine or 10, he was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

That led to other diagnoses: generalized anxiety and depression.

“I should have been successful, but I wasn’t.”

By the time he was in grade 10, he had dropped out. By the time he was 18, he had left home. He had no money, no education. He had little social life.

His depression was so bad he had suicidal thoughts.

1 in 4

People on Vancouver Island have mental health challenges.

In 2016

Victoria was one of the three cities in BC which experienced the highest number of suicides.

AJ was connected with a social worker through a program supported by United Way. He got set up with provincial disability support, and was able to access counselling, peer support and skill development, and housing.

Today, he is paying it forward, volunteering with youth as a peer support worker. “It really helps me to be able to help others. I no longer feel like a burden on society,” says AJ. See firsthand how much AJ appreciates his new lease on life in this short video.

Why Your Gift is Important

Good mental health helps us enjoy our life and the people in it.

Individuals struggling with mental health issues can experience fear and rejection. Stigma can severely impact their quality of life and gets in the way of asking for help.

Your gift can help people like AJ reconnect to society and access programs and services to help him. Help people like AJ get on with their lives. PLEASE DONATE TODAY.

How You Can Make a Difference

  • $10 a month

    You can provide a safe place to sleep for two youth

  • $25 a month

    You can provide a nutritious meal for 60 youth

  • $50 a month

    You can ensure 13 youth receive individual counselling sessions for anxiety or other struggles

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