Help A Neighbour is based on most recent data from Statistics Canada, as below. We will continue to update the statistics as Statistics Canada releases new Census data this year.

Total Population:  2021 Census of Population; Statistics Canada.
Families with children:  Total Families With Children, Couples and Lone-Parent; Statistics Canada, Census 2016, Released November 29, 2017.
Income Information: Prevalence of low income based on the Low-income measure, after tax (LIM-AT) (%); Census Profile. 2016 Released November 29, 2017.
People without diploma or degree:  No certificate, diploma or degree for the population aged 15 years and over in private households; Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Population, Released November 29, 2017.
Seniors: , People 65 Years Or Over Living Alone %; Census, 2016, Released November 29, 2017;
Immigrant population: Immigrant status and period of immigration for the population in private households; Statistics Canada. Census Profile. 2016 Census. Released November 29, 2017;
Indigenous People: Aboriginal identity for the population in private households, Census Profile. 2016 Released November 29, 2017.