Show Your Community Leadership with a Corporate Sponsorship

If you believe that everyone in our community deserves a fair chance at a happy, fulfilling life—that every kid should graduate on time, that every person should be free of violence, that no one should have to make impossible choices like putting food on the table or paying rent—we’re excited to partner with you. With your support, we are able to accelerate progress on solving the most #UNIGNORABLE issues facing our community, like mental illness, poverty, and domestic violence. See who is leading the way in corporate sponsorships with United Way.

The Value of Sponsorship

United Way believes that everyone deserves and fair shot at a good life and your participation is key. We are 100% local and committed to building a brighter future for our most vulnerable citizens. Creating lasting social change is only possible through collaboration, we work with companies, like yours, volunteers, unions and governments to solve these complex local social issues.

United Way offers value-aligned corporate sponsorships that help you maximize your investment and brand reputation in the community and allow you to:

  • Profile

    Strengthen company profile and reputation as a leader in social responsibility, distinguishing yourself from competitors

  • Engagement

    Drive brand awareness through unique engagement opportunities

  • Retain

    Attract, engage, and retain employees (58% of people consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work!)

  • Support

    Support the community by helping keep United Way’s administration costs low, allowing more donor dollars to be directed into vital community programs and initiatives

Ready to do local good?

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