Bell Canada and United Way team up to distribute phones to individuals struggling with mental health challenges

February 4, 2021 / by United Way

United Ways across the country are partnering with Bell Canada to provide thousands of new mobile devices and SIM cards

Bell Let’s Talk is a campaign dedicated to moving mental health forward in Canada. The strategy is built on four pillars: anti-stigma, improving access to care, supporting world-class research, and leading by example in workplace mental health.

United Way Greater Victoria is excited to share that we have received approximately 850 phones and SIM cards to distribute to the community. The phones are to be provided to individuals struggling with mental health challenges while needing to stay connected to loved ones and care providers. Currently, United Way Greater Victoria is working with mental health service providers on the distribution.

United Way Greater Victoria is delighted and honoured to partner with Bell Canada on this important initiative. Canada as a whole, as well as our own community of Victoria, is experiencing a mental health crisis that has been amplified by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the health and safety physical distancing measures. For so many, this past year has been extremely isolating and detrimental to their mental health and wellbeing.

Communication is essential and working phones are a lifeline for people in crisis.