Hulitan Family Services Trauma Informed Daycare

July 10, 2023 / by United Way

Hulitan Family Services Trauma Informed Daycare

United Way Southern Vancouver Island is proud to be fundraising on behalf of Hulitan Family and Community Services Society for their daycare centre, now in development.

Our fundraising focus is to outfit the Hulitan Family Services Trauma Informed Daycare with equipment, with a capital campaign goal of $625,000.

Hulitan’s vision for the daycare is that it’s a space where Indigenous children see something of themselves—something meaningful and positive—reflected in the toys they’re playing with and the books they’re looking at and reading.

We all know how children soak up everything they hear, see, smell, taste, and touch. Everything they experience.

So in a setting like this daycare, where first impressions are made, representation really matters.

The ground-blessing ceremony for the daycare took place on June 27, 2023. It won’t be long until Hulitan will be preparing to paint walls, buy toys, and assemble a library.

There’s a lot to do before the space is warm, welcoming, and reflective of Indigenous culture and tradition.

Hulitan will need to purchase items like change table pads, cloths, bottle warmers, and diaper disposal bins; quality cots, cribs, and natural sheets and blankets; and locally-made, sustainable, and non-toxic wooden furniture.

Hulitan will need to purchase Indigenous books, puppets, wooden puzzles, and toys; a set of 40 Indigenous Learn to Read books, supporting cultural connection, school readiness, and early literacy; and Indigenous plants and fruit trees for an outdoor classroom that will support cultural teachings, connections to the land, child development, and school readiness skills.

Will you help ensure Indigenous children can spend their foundational moments in a place where their culture is reflected and celebrated?

Can you help set up Indigenous children for success in life?

Unite with us to turn this vision into a reality.

Our Charitable Number is: 119278224RR0001