Volunteering: Empathy in Action

It’s National Volunteer Week (April 24-30)!

This year’s theme is “Empathy in Action.” Empathy enables people to relate to others. This ability to connect to one another is at the heart of healthier individuals and stronger communities.

Volunteering helps us develop empathy. By connecting people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, volunteering expands our views and helps us to see the world through the eyes of others. It also builds our capacity to work collectively contributing to a diverse, equitable and inclusive society.

Volunteer Canada cites a recent Angus Reid poll that shows that the empathy of Canadians is being strained after two years of COVID. An overwhelming majority (82%) believe the pandemic has pulled people apart as opposed to bringing them together (18%). About the same number (79%) say this period has brought out the worst, not the best (21%) in people. Nearly two-thirds (61%) say Canadians’ level of compassion for one another has weakened.

As a community, let’s re-ignite that compassion. Volunteer Victoria is a good place to look for volunteer opportunities.

In the meantime, we’d like to join the chorus in thanking the millions of volunteers across the country who give of their time, their energy and their emotions.

Here on Southern Vancouver Island, we would like to thank our local heroes:

Volunteers create caring, collaborative and compassionate communities. That’s something we can really get behind.

Thank you!