Living wage jumps 20% in Greater Victoria, according to report by CSPC and UWSVI

November 17, 2022 / by United Way

Greater Victoria Becomes Increasingly Unaffordable

According to the report, a $24.29 hourly wage is required to cover the costs of raising a family in Greater Victoria, up from $20.46 per hour in 2021. The family Living Wage for our region is calculated annually by the Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria (CSPC) as part of the Happiness and Wellbeing Community Lab, a collaboration with United Way Southern Vancouver Island.

Annual household expenses for a family of four rose by $10,229 compared to 2021, a 12.65% increase. With the exception of childcare—which decreased slightly by 0.16%—costs are up across the board. Housing, transportation, and childcare continue to make up a substantial portion of annual expenses, and the cost of food and other household items has spiked—up 25.7% and 22% respectively. These major increases in costs can be attributed to high provincial inflation, which peaked in May at 8.1%. According to the BC Consumer Price Index report, the cost of groceries is up 10.5% since 2021. With the median monthly rent up $278 from 2021 to $2,121 for a 3-bedroom apartment or townhouse, housing continues to be the greatest household expense in the region.

Greater Victoria is becoming a region that is increasingly unaffordable, especially for families raising children.

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