Overdose Prevention Project

Last year, 1,510 people in BC died from a drug overdose: in 87% of the overdoses, fentanyl was detected.

Overdoses are happening in our community. Far from being an issue confined to the streets, the opioid epidemic is affecting people from all walks of life and from all socio-economic backgrounds; it could be your friend, your family member, your co-worker, or your next door neighbour.

Bloom wall

Last month, a bloom wall situated on the lower level of The Bay Centre featured 1,510 wooden roses. People were encouraged to  pick a rose from our bloom wall in remembrance of someone they may have lost or in tribute to someone they love.

The goal of United Way’s Overdose Prevention Project is to create awareness and educate people about this public health crisis through de-stigmatization, compassion and fact-based information.

United Way is funding programs to help educate different audiences about the danger of opioids, harm reduction, and programs and services available to help people.

For 82 years, United Way Greater Victoria (UWGV) has been tackling complex social issues facing the region. Now we’re taking on this public health crisis.

The present crisis is unignorable. Let’s change the future.