Support for BC and Northwest Territories Wildfire Victims

August 21, 2023 / by United Way

Donate now to support people who have been impacted by the devastating recent wildfires in BC and in the Northwest Territories

Destructive wildfires across BC and throughout the Northwest Territories have laid waste to homes and communities and forced many to flee to safety.

Many Southern Vancouver Island residents have friends and families that have been affected by these wildfires. The fires are far beyond our backyards, but the distance doesn’t matter. We are all connected. We’re all neighbours. And you can help.

Unite with us now to help those most seriously affected. United Ways across Canada recognize that support will be needed for immediate, intermediate, and long-term recovery efforts.

Here in BC, you can donate to the United for BC Wildfire Recovery Fund or the NWT’s Emergency Response Fund. These donations help to support a variety of programs and essential supports that are critical to residents as they recover emotionally and physically from the devastation of wildfires within our local communities. Funds will address important needs like food assistance, trauma, mental health support, and rebuilding social infrastructure.

UWSVI will flow donations for these two areas through to the regional United Way responsible for providing assistance to those affected by the wildfires.

Unite with us to support our neighbours throughout BC and in the Northwest Territories as they fight and recover from these wildfires.