UPDATE to the 2023 Community Campaign Leadership Match

October 26, 2023 / by United Way

A Legacy of Generosity Right Here in Our Neighbourhood

**See the important update below, in bold. This match is now open to EVERYONE until October 31**

In the warm, tight-knit communities of Southern Vancouver Island, a story of kindness has been blossoming for generations, all thanks to one family: the Auchinlecks.

Picture this: many years ago, a local man named Gil Auchinleck and his friend Graham McCall found themselves laughing and riding in a wheelbarrow, pushed along by harbormaster Capt. Ronald Newell, all for a good-natured bet. With a twinkle in his eye, McCall joked, “A drive for funds is one thing but a ride in a wheelbarrow… this is ridiculous.”

The playful moment was more than just a laugh; it was the beginning of a beautiful tradition of helping others–and creatively, persuasively encouraging others to help—a tradition that would touch the hearts of many generations to come. In the mid-1960s Gil was the Victoria-based Campaign Chairman for the “United Appeal” campaign, where he oversaw the challenge of meeting an annual goal of $600,000. They didn’t just meet the goal—they exceeded it.

Today, the seeds of kindness planted by Gil have grown into a strong tree of giving, tended today by his son, Dick, Dick’s wife Linda Auchinleck, and another local community member, Beverly King.

For Dick Auchinleck, this commitment is deeply personal. His father’s legacy and leadership , fueled Dick’s pride and helped shape his and Linda’s philanthropy in numerous communities.

This year, their commitment has branched out into something special: the 2023 Community Campaign Leadership Match.

Until October 31, 2023, every new Leadership Donor, who gives at least $1,200 a year (only $100/month), will see their donation doubled, making twice the impact in supporting families, seniors, and people with addictions and mental health challenges. Dick, Linda, and Beverley have also issued a challenge to existing Leadership Donors:  any extra amount you give this year will also be doubled, magnifying United Way’s impact in the community.

Update: The 2023 Community Campaign Leadership Match is now open to EVERYONE – not just those at the Leadership level. From Oct 25 to until October 31, regardless of the amount, your contribution will be matched, dollar for dollar. Seize this chance to make a difference – every dollar counts towards building a brighter future for our community!

Each dollar donors give is more than just money; it’s a promise of a brighter tomorrow, a pledge to create a future where everyone can find the help they need, and a commitment to building a community where nobody is left behind.

For more information, or to step forward and accept the challenge of the Leadership Match, please contact Hazel Braithwaite, Director of Development at hazel.braithwaite@uwsvi.ca.

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