Tiffani’s Story

April 16, 2021 / by United Way

Not all hearts are red. Some are black and blue, like Tiffani’s.

Tiffani made the hardest decision a mother would ever have to make.

“I knew that I was not doing the best I could for my children – they needed better,” said Tiffani.

She knew they needed stability and this was something she couldn’t provide. So her daughter went to live with the father and her son went to live with Tiffani’s parents.

Tiffani started struggling in her teens.

“Not knowing what was going on with my body and brain was really hard…I didn’t know how to regulate or deal with all my emotions.”

When she was diagnosed with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, it provided clarity and helped Tiffani understand what was happening with her body and brain. But her mental health struggle continued and everything came crashing down after experiencing postpartum depression.

“My mental health changed after I had children…It has profoundly impacted all of my relationships.”

Thankfully, Tiffani was able to access support from Connections Place, a funded partner of United Way that helps people with mental illness. This enabled her to get her life back on track.

“Connections Place has truly saved my life…On my hard and dark days, I know that I can come into the clubhouse and connect with members and staff without judgment,” said Tiffani.

There are many other people on Southern Vancouver Island like Tiffani who are suffering but can’t get help due to the long waitlists or limited counselling service hours.

For someone who is in crisis, these kinds of delays can be catastrophic.

Show your local love by giving to our Blue Love Campaign for Mental Health.

The demand for mental health services has doubled as we are now in this second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please be part of the solution and break down the barriers that prevent those struggling with their mental health from getting help when and where they need it most.

Our goal is to raise $1 Million by the end of December 2021 to fund counselling, peer support and outreach services across southern Vancouver Island at community partner organizations like Connections Place where Tiffani got help.

Thanks to a generous donation from Proud Presenting Partner, Peninsula Co-op, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000 meaning you can DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT.