UWSVI: Certified Living Wage Employer

April 13, 2023 / by United Way

United Way Southern Vancouver Island is proud to be a certified living wage employer, which means UWSVI pay their employees a wage that covers their basic needs and shows a commitment to fair compensation and to supporting the growth and maintenance of strong communities.

Many cities and organizations around the world have implemented living wages to promote social justice and economic well-being for all. By going beyond the legal requirements for wages and benefits, living wage employers demonstrate a commitment to building strong communities and reducing poverty. The living wage is calculated based on the cost of living in a specific region or locality, so it varies from place to place.

Paying a living wage benefits not only employees but also employers and the local economy. When employees are paid a living wage, they are more likely to be financially stable and to support their families. For employers, this can lead to decreased employee turnover and increased productivity. Furthermore, paying a living wage can stimulate local economies by increasing the purchasing power of low-wage workers.

At United Way Southern Vancouver Island, we are committed to being a living wage employer it’s one of the ways we create positive change in our community. By setting an example for other employers, we are helping to build a more equitable and just society. We believe that paying a living wage is an essential step towards reducing poverty, increasing financial stability, and stimulating local economies.

Learn more how you can become a living wage employer.