Help Make Local Issues #UNIGNORABLE

Local issues can be easy to ignore. In our busy world, important local social issues can often go unnoticed.

That’s why United Way partnered with the Pantone Color Institute™ to create Unignorable, a brand new colour developed specifically to highlight local issues and bring attention to the people impacted by them.

The #Unignorable campaign draws on a long tradition of art for social change. It includes images designed by award-winning international illustrator Malika Favre. Favre’s customized designs will captivate onlookers with the Unignorable colour at the forefront, while the illustrations will command attention for issues that hold too many individuals back: poverty; youth unemployment; social isolation; domestic violence; hunger; mental health; education inequality; and homelessness.

Help Make Mental Health #UNIGNORABLE

Mental health is not just in our heads. 1 in 4 people on Vancouver Island have mental health challenges, whether it be depression or anxiety disorders that compromise their lifestyles and their well-being.

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Help Make Homelessness #UNIGNORABLE

On March 15, 2018, the Point in Time Count in Greater Victoria found 1,525 without a home, with many turning to transitional shelters, parks, underpasses, vehicles and mats on floors in order to find a safe place to take shelter that night.

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Help Make Poverty #UNIGNORABLE

Poverty can lead to a life of endless struggle. And children that are born into it are likely to live that way for their entire lives.

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Help Make Domestic Violence #UNIGNORABLE

Domestic violence often happens behind closed doors. But the effects are undeniable, with victims left physically and mentally scarred by their abusers.

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Help Make Social Isolation #UNIGNORABLE

Loneliness can be dangerous. Physical, mental, and language barriers are making people feel isolated, depressed, and stuck in their own surroundings.

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Help Make Hunger #UNIGNORABLE

Kids should be hungry to learn, not hungry. Yet 1 in 6 children in BC under the age of 18 live in a household that struggles to put food on the table.

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Help Make Unemployment #UNIGNORABLE

Young adults are twice as likely to be unemployed than adults, stunting their future and setting them on the wrong path.

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Help Make Education #UNIGNORABLE

Not every child is given the same educational opportunities. It’s not just an inequality in education – it’s an inequality in success.

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Solving unignorable issues takes the entire community. If you love
where you live, you can show your local love by taking action
and donating to United Way today!